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. A member of parliament or state legislature will be
disqualified to be a member if he absents himself for how
many days while in session :

(a) 60 days

(b) 30 days

(c) 90 days

(d) 120 days

. A member of parliament or state legislature will be disqualified to be a member if he absents him..

Answer / guest

(a) 60 days

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Which of the following Articles of the Constitution cannot be amended by a simple majority in both Houses of Parliament? (a) Article 2 (b) Article 3 (c) Article 4 (d) Article 15

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Recently, India and which other country have agreed to step up their cooperation in areas like biotechnology and school education, and explore new areas for further cooperation like the Golden Rice Project? 1 Russia 2 Bangladesh 3 Israel 4 South Africa

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Who first propounded the Theory of Population? (a) Darwin (b) Mandel (c) Malthus (d) Marshal Ricardo (e) Adam Smith

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Which of the following countries was the earliest to give women the right to vote? (a) Iceland (b) India (c) New Zealand (d) USA

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Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi won which of the following trophies after defeating Paul Haarhuis and Jared Palmer in July 1999? 1 French Open 2 Wimbledon Men?s Doubles 3 Australia Open Men?s Doubles 4 US Open Men?s doubles

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when did the fall of bastille happen?

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The deposition of materials made by a stream where it flows into a body of standing water is known as : (a) delta (b) alluvial fans (c) natural level

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In a federal setup of government, the powers are divided between the: (a) Centre and the units (b) Two Houses of the Legislature (c) Executive and the Legislature (d) President and the Cabinet

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Asoka?s victory over Kalinga is mentioned in (1) Rock Edict XIII (2) Rock Edict XII (3) Separate Kalinga Edict (4) Arthasastra

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The sole power to control the expenditure of the Government rests with the: (a) Parliament (b) Prime Minister (c) President of India (d) Finance Minister (e) Lok Sabha

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. In Jainism ‘perfect knowledge’ is referred as to (a) Jina (b) Ratna (c) Kaivalya (d) Nirvana

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Earth is represented nearly perfect by: (a) Globe (b) Maps (c) Topography sheets

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