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. Glass Manufacturing industries are mostly located in the
states of

(1) U.P., W.B. and Maharashtra

(2) A.P.

(3) Tamilnadu

(4) None of the above

. Glass Manufacturing industries are mostly located in the states of (1) U.P., W.B. and Maharash..

Answer / guest

( 1 ) U.P., W.B. and Maharashtra

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. Who introduced permanent settlement in India (1) Lord Clive (2) Lord Curzon (3) Lord Cornwallis (4) Lord Dalhousie

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Which of the following sources of the early period has mentioned about Telugus? (1) Rigveda (2) Arthasastra (3) Rajatarangini (4) Itareya Brahmana

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General Pervez Musharraf designated himself as (1) President of Pakistan (2) Prime Minister of Pakistan (3) Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan (4) Martial Law Administrator of Pakistan

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When did Rekapalli rebellion take place? (a) 1866 (b) 1879 (c) 1874 (d) 1878

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. Who wrote ‘Rajasekhara Charitram’ Telugu navel (1) Mutnuri Krishna Rao (2) Veeresalingam (3) Pingali Venkaiah (4) Unnava Laxminarayana

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Who translated the lecturers of Bipin Chandrapal? (a) Gurajada Appa Rao (b) Chilakamarthi Lakshmi Narasimham (c) Veeresalingam Panthulu (d) Nyayapati Subba Rao

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Lilavati a work written by Bhaskara deals with (1) Astronomy (2) Mathematics (3) Chemistry (4) Metallurgy

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Which of the following flights of Indian Airlines was hijacked by the Pak terrorists to Kandahar? (1) IC-816 (2) IC-814 (3) IC-839 (4) IC-840

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. Ankaleshwar is famous for (1) Coal mines (2) Petroleum (3) Iron ore (4) Gold mines

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Who was the Razakars leader? (a) Mir Osman Ali Khan (b) Mahaboob Ali Khan (c) Nizam Ali (d) Kasim Razvi

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. Unemployment insurance will result in : (1) The maintenance of consumption level (2) Decrease in consumption level (3) Decrease in savings (4) Increase in savings

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The professional dancer who dedicated her life for the cause of freedom struggle came under the influence of Gandhiji Non-Cooperation Movement? (a) Yamini Seethamma (b) Yamini Purna Tilakam (c) Yamini Krishnamurthy (d) Maganti Seethadevi

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