Group I Interview Questions
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what is interview?


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When will be the Group I and Group II Notifications were released


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What is the total syllabus of Group I and Group II?

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May i know the whole syllabus of the group1 exams and interviews

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can any body help me in providing information regarding the syllabus for appsc group-1 exam both prelims and mains. are there any elective subjects?.and i also need some old question papers.kindly, help me

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Please post new syllabus for group 1 and 2

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Please give NAMES and PHONE NUMBERS OF coaching centers for GROUP 1 exam in HYDERABAD ? thank you.

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Can any one please confirm if the APPLICATION FORMS for GROUP I are available for sale ?

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Where can i buy STUDY MATERIAL to prepare for GROUP I EXAMS in HYDERABAD ?

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How long does it take from PRELIMS TO MAINS TO INTERVIEW in GROUP I exams ( time frame ) ?

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Dear Friends, can u tell me where can i find the APPSC New syllabus for Group 1. I am desperately looking for this. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.


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do we really benefit from nuclear deal?


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What is the new syllabus for G1. if any body having that syllabus plz mail me on or If any body knows the link plz send me Thanks in Adv DAsARADHI BENDI

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what is ment by cresol

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Un-Answered Questions { Group I }

Hi, do I need to achive 50% marks in every subject or in grand total.


please suggest me the best book for indian economy in english for group I services?


Is reservation considered in group-1 priliminary exams for visually handicapped. If yes, what is cutof mark


Hello ..iam a proffesor in an enginnering college ..could i know if there are any evening batches for group-1 coaching..


when will be group 1 preliminary exam conduct and which type of preparation required , give some suggested readings ?


hi plz tell me 26/9/2011 group 1 paper 1 easy or tuf


what is de percentage required to qualify in group 1 prelims and mains?


Can any one guide me how to start preparing for Group1 exam.


Hi.. every one can any one tel me how should i start preparing for Divisional accounts officer interview.. your help will be greatly appreciated if u share any links of interview questions / books / coaching centers... Thanks in advance


I am studying 3rd B.TECH and I want to know that if I can write group-I exams now this year? if u want to answer me please mail me to


Where can I get the complete books for APPSC group-1 examination that provides best knowledge of all via postal service. How much it will cost including both for prelims and mains. Thanks in advance.


hello frnz i just completed my B.E and joined in an software company. i am interested in writing group-1 exam and i have basic information like what is the syllabus and pattern of the paper but i dont know how to prepare and what material i should study for clearing the prelims. hope you understood my situation. plz help me in this aspect. thanks & regards sahaja


hello sir/madam, If we take coaching for group I will that be useful to group 2 also ...please do help me


are mbbs students eligible for group 1exam during their internship after completing final year


hi friends i want to became an IAS officer so please give me a roadmap to prepare for GROUP1 exam