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. Malik Ambar fought against the Mughals during the reign of

(1) Akbar

(2) Jahangir

(3) Shahjahan

(4) Aurangzeb

. Malik Ambar fought against the Mughals during the reign of (1) Akbar (2) Jahangir (3) Sha..

Answer / guest

( 2 ) Jahangir

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. The most abundant element in the sun’s atmosphere is (1) Orgon (2) Hydrogen (3) Krypton (4) Neon

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. Babur died on 26th December, 1530 and was laid to rest of Arambagh in Agra; whence his body was subsequently taken to and buried at (1) Delhi (2) Farghana (3) Kabul (4) Samarqand

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Which part of the camera is analogous to the retina in the human eye? (1) Lens (2) Film (3) Shutter (4) Flash

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. National physical laboratory is located at (1) Madras (2) Hyderabad (3) Delhi (4) Bombay

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Which one of the following was the settlement of the Portuguese? (a) Calicut (b) Cochin (c) Cannanore (d) All of the above

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. Which Article deals with Emergency (1) 356 (2) 368 (3) 372 (4) 370

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Which famous temple is located in Annavaram? (a) Narasimha (b) Satyanarayana Swamy temple (c) Kanakadurga temple (d) Bramramba temple

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The river which is treated as a sacred river by the Indians ? (a) The brahmaputra (b) The Ganges (c) The Godavari (d) The Krishna

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. Which one of the following appointments is not made by the president of India? (1) The Chief Justice (2) The Vice-President (3) The Prime Minister (4) The Governors

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Three main leaders of the rebellion were : (a) Chandraiah, Sambayya and Karu Tammanna Dora (b) Rambhupati deva, Ambul Reddy and Madhavati Rambhupathi Dev (c) Sambayya, Rambhupati Dev and Ambul Reddy (d) None

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Founder of the Ikshavakus dynasty was: (a) Veerapurusha data (b) Vesistee putra Sree Chatamula (c) Jaya varma (d) Deva varma

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Who of the following was the first Mughal ruler to introduce prohibition? (1) Babur (2) Akbar (3) Humayun (4) Jahangir

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