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hi am prasad,jus entered into final year, i wan
apear for d groups..can any 1 plz giv me some guidence??

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What is the minimum percentage should i have in B.Tech to Write Group1 & Gropu2 Exams

1 Answers  

The Right to Freedom is contained in Article (1) Sixteen (2) Nineteen (3) Twenty-three (4) Twenty-five

1 Answers  

WHERE CAN I GET THE PREVIOUS QUESTION PAPERS OF Govt Polytechnic Lecturer post for the notification no 18/2008

13 Answers   Airtel, AK, Polytechnic,

The Kohinoor diamond was discovered in the diamond mines at (a) Malapalli (b) Kolluru (c) Gollapalli (d) Paritala

4 Answers  

Riccia is commonly called (1) Moss (2) Green mold (3) Livervort (4) Smut

1 Answers  

. Average per capita earning is the highest in: (1) West Bengal (2) Haryana (3) Orissa (4) Gujarat

6 Answers  

. The rock-cut temples at Mahabolipuram were built during the reign of (1) Chalukyas (2) Cholas (3) Pallavas (4) Satvahanas

2 Answers  

Famous educational centers during 220-600 A.D. were : (a) Kanchi (b) Nagarjuna Konda (c) Both A & B (d) None

1 Answers  

. Which mineral is related with Haematite and Magnetite (1) Bauxite ore (2) Iron ore (3) Copper ore (4) Manganese ore

5 Answers  

Who were the two scholars that were patronized by Vikramadhitya VI? (a) Bilhana (b) Vijnaneswara the author of the Mitakshara system of Hindu law (c) Tikkana (d) Both A & B

1 Answers  

. Rudramba was a daughter of (1) Mahadeva (2) Ganapathideva (3) Pratarudra (4) Rudradeva

1 Answers  

iam vijaykumar,i want to know when is the group1and group 2 exams?

1 Answers