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. The founder of the Bahmini Kingdom in the Deccan was

(1) Nasir-ud-din Shah

(2) Muhammad Shah

(3) Bahman Shah

(4) Ahmed Shah

. The founder of the Bahmini Kingdom in the Deccan was (1) Nasir-ud-din Shah (2) Muhammad Shah..

Answer / guest

( 3 ) Bahman Shah

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The Eastern Chalukyan king responsible for the construction of the Bhimesvara temple at Draksharama was (a) Bhima I (b) Bhima II (c) Ammaraja I (d) Ammaraja II

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Gautama Buddha belonged to …… dynasty (a) Sakya (b) Jataka (c) Salankayana (d) None

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. Black soils are found in (1) Eastern and central Peninsula (2) Western part of the Deccan (Maharashtra) (3) Valleys of the Himalayas (4) None

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The person who had a heroic death in palnadu while defending the rights of the rural flok in the Non-Cooperation movement was (a) Kanneganti Hanumanthu (b) Korukonda Mallaiah (c) Vedantam Raghavachari (d) K. Nageswara Rao

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Who was that Qutub Shahi ruler referred to by the Telugu poets as “Malkibharam”? (a) Muhammud Quli (b) Ibrahim Qutub (c) Muhammud Qutub (d) Abdullah Qutub

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The Vishnukundins originated from: (a) Rajamundry (b) Amaravathi (c) Jaggaiah peta (d) Vinukonda (Guntur Dist.)

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. In which crop production does India stand second in the world? (1) Groundnut (2) Rice (3) Sugarcane (4) Wheat

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Chemically, water is a/an (1) Hydride (2) Oxide (3) Hydroxide (4) Peroxide

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Author of ‘Manucharitram’: (a) Tikkana (b) Peddana (c) Nandi Timmana (d) Tenali Ramakrishna

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The first French settlement in Andhras was? (a) Yanam (b) Pulicat (c) Narasapur (d) Masula

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. Palk-strait separates India from (1) China (2) Pakistan (3) Srilanka (4) Andaman Islands

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. In which of the following states are monazite deposits considered to be of highest quality in the world? (1) M.P. (2) U.P. (3) A.P. (4) Kerala

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