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Raja Rama Mohan Roy established the organization known as

(a) Aryasamaj

(b) Brahma Samaj

(c) Sati Samaj

(d) None

Raja Rama Mohan Roy established the organization known as (a) Aryasamaj (b) Brahma Samaj (c..

Answer / guest

( b ) Brahma Samaj

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Hi, every one i D.K Singpho, I want to get all the previous question papers. can any one tell me from where i can get. thanks. my mail id is

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. Glass Manufacturing industries are mostly located in the states of (1) U.P., W.B. and Maharashtra (2) A.P. (3) Tamilnadu (4) None of the above

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sir i want to write group 1 examination plz tell me the when will the group 1 prelims conduct

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. Among the European nations, Akbar had diplomatic relations only with (1) England (2) Spain (3) Portugal (4) Denmark

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. The impact of an indirect tax is on (1) The production of the goods (2) The one who eventually pays is (3) The person who first pays it (4) None of the above

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The title enjoyed by N.G. Ramga (a) Ryot pita (b) Ryot-priya (c) Ryot-bandhava (d) Ryot-uddharaka

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. Lines joining places receiving equal amount of rain fall are called (1) Isobars (2) Isotherms (3) Isohyets (4) Isohelinas

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In Palanati battle Kakatiyas helped to: (a) Malideva (b) Nalagama (c) Brahmanaidu (d) None

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Who took a leading part in ‘Simon Go Back’ agitation : (a) V.V. Jagaiah (b) Potti Sreeramulu (c) T. Prakasam Pantulu (d) Pingali Venkaiah

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. What is a Scheduled bank? (1) A bank having Rs. 1,000 crore deposits (2) A bank included in the second schedule of the RBI act (3) A bank having Rs. 100 crore deposits (4) None

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. The Gupta empire was destroyed by the invasions of (1) The Sakas (2) The Huns (3) The Bactrians (4) The Muslims

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. Lord Dalhousie annexed Jhansi (1) By military force (2) Under the doctrine of lapse and adoption (3) On the ground of mismanagement (4) By Assignment

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