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appsc group 4 jobs are selected for district wise or zonal wise?

appsc group 4 jobs are selected for district wise or zonal wise?..

Answer / jayachandra

district wise

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Who of the following Prime Ministers of the Nizam of Hyderabad built the remarkable Salar Jung Museum? (1) Meer Alam (2) Mir Yusuf Ali Khan (3) Muneer ul Mulk (4) Sir Salar Jung-I

1 Answers  

. Which of the following is an example of young folded mountains? (1) Aravallis (2) Himalayas (3) Nilgiris (4) Satpuras

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. Hailey’s comet appears on Earth once in (1) 25 years (2) 50 years (3) 75 years (4) 100 years

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Aggregate Measure of Support (AMS) in the context of WTO refers to the (1) Minimum support price guaranteed to the farmers (2) Quantum of subsidy given to the agricultural sector (3) Issue price of paddy and wheat (4) Insurance cover for crops

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Why was Roorkee University in the news recently? (1) It is accredited to Harward University (2) It has been made into an IIT (3) It has been made a Deemed University (4) The President of India was made the Visitor of the University

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. The capital of the Mughal Empire was transferred from Agra to Delhi by (1) Shahjehan (2) Babar (3) Jahangir (4) Humayun

3 Answers   SSC,

Where is Keoladeo Ghana National Park located? (1) Similipal in Orissa (2) Bharatpur in Rajasthan (3) Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu (4) Sundarbans in West Bengal

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Name the Movement that pressed the British Government to introduce Montague-Chelms ford reforms ? (a) Quit India Movement (b) Swadeshi Movement (c) Boycott Movement (d) Home Rule League Movement

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. Who was the first ruler to annex any part of the Deccan to the Mughal empire ? (1) Aurangzeb (2) Akbar (3) Humayun (4) Jahangir

3 Answers   KAS,

During whose reign the Reddi kingdom witnessed the downfall? (a) Allada Reddi (b) Kumaragiri Reddi (c) Racha Vema Reddi (d) Anavema Reddi

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hi sir... iam waiting for panchayati secretary notifcation..APRIL 2012 NUNDI NOTIFICATION RELEASE ANNARU....BUT INKA RELEASE KALEDU...ASALU EPPUDU VASTHUNDI? EXACT GA

2 Answers   Panchayat Secretary,

Who was the most oppressive King among the Reddy Kings: (a) Prolaya Vema Reddy (b) Anavema Reddy (c) Rachavema Reddy (d) None

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