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take one exmple and write on that discriptive programe in

take one exmple and write on that discriptive programe in qtp?..

Answer / shyam.meghansh


set BRO =Description.Create()
BRO("title").Value = "Welcome to India"
BRO("name").value ="Welcome to India"
BRO("openedbytestingtool").value= true

Set PG =Description.Create()
PG("title").value="Welcome to India"

Set UN =Description.Create()
UN("name").value= "login"
UN("Class Name").value ="WebEdit"
UN("type").value= "text"
UN("html tag").value="INPUT"

Set PWD =Description.Create()
PWD("name").value ="passwd"
PWD("Class Name").value="WebEdit"
PWD("html tag").value="INPUT"

Set Login =Description.Create()
Login("name").value ="Go"
Login("Class Name").value="WebButton"
Login("html tag").value="INPUT"

temp= Browser("Welcome to").Page("Welcome to").WebElement("ShockwaveFlash1").Exist
If temp= true Then
'Browser("Welcome to").Page("Welcome to").WebElement("ShockwaveFlash1").
End If

Browser(BRO).Page(PG).WebEdit(UN).Set "shyam_sad"
Browser(BRO).Page(PG).WebEdit(PWD).Set "7134999"

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