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What r the advantages of automation?

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What r the advantages of automation?..

Answer / raju korti

* requires less time
for big projects automation tols used because, we need to
check the codes , functionality by just creating one
script. and we can run that script by different input
values. so it requires less time.

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What r the advantages of automation?..

Answer / punam karad

Higher Production rate increase productivity.
minimum requirement of human resource. Shorter workweeks
after labor.
Efficient use of material.
Saving of expensive utility.
Improve safety.
Less time consuming.
Reusable .

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What r the advantages of automation?..

Answer / lakshmana rekha basu

addition to-Raju Korti's comments:
it is the more efficient way of testing which avoids
general human errors,
Automated tests can be run in absecnce of tester too.
In case of any changes are made on AUT,with minimum changes
on the script,the scripts are reusable.

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What r the advantages of automation?..

Answer / jyotsna

1. minimum reqirement of human resource
2. Accuracy
3. reliable
4. less time consuming-- faster than manual testing.
5. Resuable
6. Programmable.

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What r the advantages of automation?..

Answer / anees ud din

1. Efficient operation
2. Reduced manpower
3. Less training.
4. Fast decision making.
5. Increased Safety.
6. Cost reduction.
7.Quality Control.

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What r the advantages of automation?..

Answer / mamata hegde

1. Almost all current testing methods cannot be
implemented by hand except by the most dedicated or
desperate testers.
2. Automation encourages projects to re-test more
3. Reduce testing costs
4. Reduce time spent in the testing phase
5. Detect errors early and to raise the quality of the
delivered software.
6. Achieves the repeatability required for valid test
7. Improve test coverage

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