can any one give the format of writing test cases in excel

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Answer / murthy

Test Case ID
Requirement Id
Test Name
Description (Steps to execute)
Expecte Result
Actual Result

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Answer / pradula

Different companies follow different testcase template.But
basically the tems we use is
1.Test case ID
3.Test Data
4.Expected result
5.Actual result
this is quite enough but in some companies they add

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Answer / hi

hi murthy here y we can use requirement id already we are
using Test case id?
ones again y we are using requirement id?
plz explain for me

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Answer / sham

Dear Freind, According to company, test case formats are
different. All our friends answers are correct. but
(ISTQB), it is software quality control board, they
specified a format for the test cases
1)Test Case ID
2)Test Description
3)Review History
4)Function to be Tested
6)Test Setup
7)Test Execution
8)Expected Result
9)Actual Result
10)Overall Result
11)Incase of Fail - Priority - High,Medium,Low
- Siviority- High,Medium,Low

with the banner like Project Title, Module, Developer,
Tested By, Reviewed By, Date, OS, Version etc..,

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Answer / sujili.c

2.Test plan ID
3.Test case ID
4.Test case description
5.Input data
6.Expected result
7.Actual result

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Answer / we4

test case id
test case description
test case procedure
expected results
actual results

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Answer / chandrasekharreddypadala

1. Test ID
2. Title
3. Pre/post Conditions
4. Steps
5. Expected Results
6. Priority Level
7. Pass/Fail
8. Defect Number

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Answer / vanitha

1.)Testcase Id
2.)Testcase Description
3.)Input Data
4.)Expected Result
5.)Actual Result
The above are the basic columns you find in any testcase
template.Depending on the organization this may vary

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Answer / satishkumar

1)test case title
2)test case id
6)input data
8)expected result
9)post condition
10)actual result
11)verdict pass/fail
12) remarks

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Answer / anshul gupta

2)Test i.d
3)Test case
4)Execution status
5)expected result
8)developer comments
9)Q.a comments
13)issue found date
14)issue fix date
15)issue status

This is the excel format, which i am using...please help me , if there is any modular approach with excel.....

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