Waht is diff between SystemUtil.Run and invokeapplication

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Waht is diff between SystemUtil.Run and invokeapplication..

Answer / firoz basha shaik

Invoke is used to exeecute an .exe file but by using
systemutil.run we can open both .exe file as well as
browser fles.

invokeapplication "c:\IE\Iexplore.exe"

SystemUtil.Run "c:\IE\Iexplore.exe", "www.yahoo.com"

I think i am right. Please correct If I am wrong.

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Waht is diff between SystemUtil.Run and invokeapplication..

Answer / ravi_kanakam

The invokeapplicaton method can invoke only an executable
application(file with EXE extenstion)

The systemutil.run method can invoke any application.

For example

systemutil.run "c:\testdata.txt"
invokeapplication "c:\diskcleaner.exe"

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Waht is diff between SystemUtil.Run and invokeapplication..

Answer / sunil kumar.m

Invoke application is used to invoke any .exe file, where as
SystemUtil.Run works with any system utilities like
“Iexplore” apart from .exe file

for more details logon to:

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Waht is diff between SystemUtil.Run and invokeapplication..

Answer / ram

by using invoke application we can open only exe file
by using SystemUtil.Run we can open any widows and web
application and .exe file

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Waht is diff between SystemUtil.Run and invokeapplication..

Answer / gaurav

SystemUtil.Run uses for web based application
for ex: "WWW.ebay.com"
invokeapplication uses for windows based application
for ex: "c:Windows\folder\subfolder\application.exe"

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