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(questions asked in interview)hi every one can any one
please answer to this questions.these questions were asked
in an interview.i have another interview next week .

1.when the time schedule is tight how will you approch the
testing,and the relese is nearing and we need to finish
testing how can we follow in that we need to exicute
all the test cases or can priortise and leave some to next

2. when a new feature is added to the existing application
we need to add new test cases but after that do we need to
change all the existing test cases and while running do we
need to exicute entire application test cases or only the
new feature test cases and related new feature test cases. you have any situation where you have to write and
exicute the test cases same time, how will you follow.does
it happens in real time.

4.example of bug which is not tester say
that there is bug and developer say no can some example of
such bugs.

5.during regression testing some times do we need to add new
some additional test cases to test that bug.

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(questions asked in interview)hi every one can any one please answer to this questions.these quest..

Answer / sri

Ans 1) When the time is less, we should prioritize the test
cases based on functionality and perform the testing. These
functional test cases must be prioritized on the basis of
criticality and severity and again priority.

Ans 2) When a new feature is added to the existing
application, a new test case is added,there may be features
or sub modules or modules that are effected and all those
will be identified by your PM and will be given to you.
Refering this document you will have to update those test
cases and the new test case only.

Ans 3)Yeah some times it happens. There was a situation
when the client had sent a new requirement while in
development, developers were informed but testers werent
and it came to us for testing. That time we came accross
that functionality and had added that test case

Ans 5)Ans 3 is the answer

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(questions asked in interview)hi every one can any one please answer to this questions.these quest..

Answer / purni

1) When the time looms, we need to prioritize the testing
by selecting the main functionality of the application. And
we have to do the adhoc testing, means testing the
funtionality randomly.

2) when the new feature is added to the application, there
is no need to change all the existing test case . But if
there is a know and unknow dependency in the application.
We need to check that functionality and make the changes to
the existing test cases.

3)When we find the bugs, we can make the changes and
execute the test cases at the same time.

4)If developer cann't see the bug they assign the status as
not reprocucible and until they can see it again. If the
tester can attach the snapshot then developer's can reject

5) As per my knowledge,regression test is done, once the
application is tested manually and make sure that the
applciation is stable. So during the regression testing if
we find the bug, we need to fix the bug rather then writing
the new test cases.

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