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I've planned to carry the following documents in my H1B
interveiw on sep-18th.
HDFC receipt, visa Interview letter, I797, I129, Offer
Letter, Client agreement doc, all original certificates,
all company offer letter and relieving orders, payslip.
Could anyone please let me know whether this is sufficient
or i have to carry anyother doc's.

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I've planned to carry the following documents in my H1B interveiw on sep-18th. HDFC receipt..

Answer / karthik

Hi All,

I've cleared my visa interview and got visa.thanks a lot
for providing valuable suggestions and ideas.

Following are the questions I have faced during the

Q1: Who is your employer, where it is located?
Q2: How do you came to know this company?
Q3: then she asked whether I will be working in employer's
location or in the client's location
Q4: who is Client name and Location,
Q5: what is the project your are going to work in?
Q6: is there any letter from the client stating that you
are going to work with them? ]

Autally i didn't have any letter from the client. i had
only the agreement between my employer and the client. i've
managed with that docs.
Q7: What are all the other documents that you have?

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I've planned to carry the following documents in my H1B interveiw on sep-18th. HDFC receipt..

Answer / sree

Its more then enough.Usally they asked for client
details.Some times they will ask for office photos,w2's
wich you r going to work,

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