what is testing methodology

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what is testing methodology..

Answer / sruthi

Testing methodology is of three types, they are
1.Black Box Testing
2.White Box Testing
3.Gray Box Testing

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what is testing methodology..

Answer / aarthi

Testing methodology addresses the criticality of the
applications by following a methodology that consists of
the following steps:
1.Kick-off meeting-Strategy Meeting
2.Requirement analysis
3.Tools Identification-tools that will be applicable for
the particular software to be tested.
4.Test plan preparation
5.Test Environment setup
6.Test cases
7.Test Execution
8.Defect tracking and reporting
9.Report presentation
10.Post-shipment reviews

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what is testing methodology..

Answer / penisetty


This very good question.

Testing Methodology:-

We begin the testing process by developing a comprehensive
plan to test the general functionality and special features
on a variety of platform combinations. Strict quality
control procedures are used. The process verifies that the
application meets the requirements specified in the system
requirements document and is bug free. At the end of each
testing day, the team prepares a summary of completed and
failed tests. Our programmers address any identified
issues, and the application is resubmitted to the testing
team until every item is resolved. All changes and
retesting are tracked through spreadsheets available to
both the testing and programming teams. Applications are
not allowed to launch until all identified problems are
fixed. A report is prepared at the end of testing to show
exactly what was tested and to list the final outcomes.

Our software testing methodology is applied in three
distinct phases: unit testing, system testing, and
acceptance testing.

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