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Why we use account payble

Why we use account payble..

Answer / vishal musale

We use AC for maintaining vendor data

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i want the steps involved in the customization for the process order. my situations is if i take the process order for x qty then stores people can issue only x qty not less or not more. how to do this. pls help me

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what is working capital in what way it is useful for company or orgainzation

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Who will be called as distributor

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Let me know the chronological order to reach final accounts begining with Journalisation

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what is the difference between cost centre and bussiness centre?

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what is the document spliting?

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cany anyone explaing what are the functions of an Account Officer/Manager?

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what is the accounting period ?

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What is accounts recevable & acct. payble? How they are efect in real life accounts of the company?

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