How to create a program that lists countries capitals when country is entered? (Terribly sorry, I'm a complete novist to coding with C, am looking for inspiration and general tips on how to code and create this program.)

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How to create a program that lists the capital country when told what the original country is? (Terribly sorry, I'm a novice programmer and would appreciate any help ;). Cheers, Alexxis

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Write a c-programe that input one number of four digits and find digits sum?

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How to upgrade LOOP environment, I just mean, how can i make loop statement editable ? I just try some program using loop statement and checking it in multiple compilers. Every compiler showing different output, what's the wrong ? is it a compiler based problem, or loop based problem, tell me why ? and what will be the debugging process, for this kind of problem ?

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what is the error in the following code: main() { int i=400,j; j=(i*i)/i; }

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main() { char c; for(c='A';c<='Z';c++) getch(); }

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difference between c/c++ programing language? what is necessesity of c++ when existing c programing language?

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Given that two int variables, total and amount , have been declared, write a sequence of statements that: initializes total to 0 reads three values into amount , one at a time. After each value is read in to amount , it is added to the value in total (that is, total is incremented by the value in amount ). Instructor's notes: If you use a loop, it must be a for loop. And if you use a loop control variable for counting, you must declare it.

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char* f() return "hello:"; void main() {char *str=f(); }

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UINT i,j; i = j = 0; i = ( i++ > ++j ) ? i++ : i--; explain pls....

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#include<iostream.h> #include<stdlib.h> static int n=0; class account { int age,accno; float amt; char name[20]; public: friend void accinfo(account [] ,int); void create(); void balenq(); void deposite(); void withdrawal(); void transaction(account []); }; void account :: create() { static int acc=1231; accno=acc+n; cout<<"\n\tENTER THE CUSTOMER NAME : "; cin>>name; cout<<"\n\t ENTER THE AGE : "; cin>>age; cout<<"\n\t ENTER THE AMOUNT : "; cin>>amt; // if(amt<=500) // cout<<"\n\tAMOUNT IS NOT SUFFICIENT TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT..."; cout<<"\n\t YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER : "<<accno<<endl; n++; } void accinfo(account cus[],int ch) { int no,flag=0; cout<<"\n\t\tENTER YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER : "; cin>>no; for(int i=0;i<=n&&flag==0;i++) if(no==cus[i].accno) { flag=1; switch(ch) { case 2: cus[i].balenq(); break; case 3: cus[i].deposite(); break; case 4: cus[i].withdrawal(); break; case 5: cus[i].transaction(cus); break; default: cout<<"\n\t\tEND OF THE OPERATION"; exit(1); } } if(flag==0) cout<<"\n\t\tYOUR ACCOUNT DOES NOT EXIST..."<<endl; } void account :: balenq() { cout<<"\n\t\tCUSTOMER NAME : "<< name << endl; cout<<"\n\t\tBALANCE : "<< amt << endl; } void account :: deposite() { int damt; cout<<"\n\t\tCUSTOMER NAME : "<< name <<endl; cout<<"\n\t\tBALANCE : "<< amt <<endl; cout<<"\n\tENTER THE AMOUNT TO BE DEPOSITED : "; cin>>damt; amt+=damt; cout<<"\n\t\tYOUR CURRENT BALANCE : "<<amt<<endl; } void account :: withdrawal() { int wamt; cout<<"\n\t\tCUSTOMER NAME : "<< name; cout<<"\n\t\tBALANCE : "<< amt; cout<<"\n\tENTER THE AMOUNT TO BE WITHDRAWN : "; cin>>wamt; if(amt-wamt>=500) { amt-=wamt; cout<<"\n\t\tYOUR CURRENT BALANCE : "<<amt; } else cout<<"\n\tYOUR BALANCE IS TOO LOW FOR WITHDRAWAL..."<<endl; } void account :: transaction (account cus[]) { int no,tamt,flag=0; cout<<"\n\tENTER THE RECEIVER'S ACCOUNT NUMBER : "; cin>>no; cout<<"\n\t\t ENTER THE AMOUNT : "; cin>>tamt; for(int i=0;i<=n&&flag==0;i++) if(cus[i].accno==no) { flag=1; cus[i].amt+=tamt; amt-=tamt; cout<<"\n\t\tYOUR CURRENT BALANCE : "<<amt<<endl; cout<<"\n\t\t RECEIVER'S BALANCE : "<<cus[i].amt<<endl; } if(flag==0) cout<<"\n\tRECEIVER'S ACCOUNT NUMBER IS NOT AVALIABLE..."<<endl; } void main() { account cus[10]; int ch; do { cout<<"\n\t\t BANK ACCOUNT"; cout<<"\n\t\t ************\n"; cout<<"\n\t\t1.CREATE AN ACCOUNT"; cout<<"\n\t\t2.BALANCE ENQUIRY"; cout<<"\n\t\t3.DEPOSITE"; cout<<"\n\t\t4.WITHDRAWAL"; cout<<"\n\t\t5.TRANSACTION"; cout<<"\n\t\t6.EXIT\n\n"; cout<<"\n\t\tENTER YOUR CHOICE : "; cin>>ch; if(ch==1) cus[n].create(); else accinfo(cus,ch); }while(1); }

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what is meant by linking error? how can i solve it? if there is a linking error " unable to open file 'cos.obj'? then what should i do?

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