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Does asenumerable execute the query?

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What are the types of subqueries?

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what is a unique key ? : Sql dba

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When the mutating error will comes? and how it will be resolved?

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What is oracle and pl sql?

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Table Student has 3 columns,Student_id,Student_Name & Course_Id. Table Course has 2 columns, Course_Id & Course_Name.Write a query to listdown all the Courses and number of student in each course.

10 Answers   TCS,

What are pl/sql exceptions? Tell me any three.

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Can pl sql procedure have a return statement?

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Explain ddl statements in pl/sql?

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what is sub-query? : Transact sql

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What is equi join in sql?

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Is it possible to use LONG columns in WHERE clause or ORDER BY?

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How do I enable sql encryption?

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