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Is left join same as inner join?

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how to debugg a procedure or package using dbms_output.put_line in plsql

1 Answers   Polaris,

What is full join in sql?

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How do you drop a trigger?

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what is oracle database ? : Sql dba

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What does t sql mean?

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what does it mean to have quoted_identifier on? What are the implications of having it off? : Sql dba

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there are 2 variables called x and y ,x contains 1,2 and y contains 3,4 we have to swap the values from x to y and y to x with out using dummy variables and it can be done only by using a single statement ? how?

12 Answers   Oracle,

What does desc stand for?

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pl/sql testing means what ...... explain process how to find pl/sql bugs

1 Answers   Zensar,

what are the performance and scalability characteristics of mysql? : Sql dba

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what is overloading procedure or overloading function ?

3 Answers   Genpact,

List the various privileges that a user can grant to another user?

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