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What is the Subquery?

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What is the Subquery?..

Answer / suresh kumar somayajula

SELECT Statement which is embedded in another class of
SELECT statement is nothing but "Sub-Query".

In this ..Inner query will execute first.based on that
result outer query will execute.

Thank you,

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What is the Subquery?..

Answer / anil_abbireddy

Runs first,executed once,returns values to be used by the
MAIN Query

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What is the Subquery?..

Answer / ramesh

A sub query is a query and it is deepened main query on the another query is called as a sub-query.

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What is the Subquery?..

Answer / rashmi

Query inside a query is called sub query. Always to execute successfully the outer query depends on the output of inner query.
it is if 4 types.

>Scalar sub query
>Corelated sub query
>Nested sub query
>Inline view

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