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What is cascade in sql?

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3. Select sum(a) sum_1,max(a) max_1 ,count(a) count_1 from ( ( select 1 a from dual union all Select to_number(‘2011’) a from dual union all select 1 a from dual) union select 2 b from dual);

1 Answers   Fintellix,

Why is pl sql used?

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What is the use of procedures?

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What can be a size of a pl/sql block? Is there any limit?

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Can we insert in sql function?

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What is the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR2? If VARCHAR2 serves the uses of CHAR why CHAR is still used and not been discarded yet?

9 Answers   Oracle,

Give an example of Full Outer Join?

1 Answers   IBM,

Explain the difference between drop and truncate commands in sql?

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Mention what is the use of function "module procedure" in pl/sql?

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Explain what is sql?

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how to create user in sql and how to set password for that?

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How many sql are there?

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