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What is cursor in pl sql?

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What is a mutating table and a constraining table?

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Does truncate require commit?

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What is INSTEAD OF trigger ?

13 Answers   Hexaware, TCS,

What are dml commands?

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Is it possible to link two groups inside a cross products after the cross products group has been created?

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ename empno deptno amar 1 10 akbar 2 20 anthonny 3 30 jonathan 4 40 write a procedure to dispaly the column values ina row separated by a deleimiter eg - input - select ename from emp '|' output - amar|akbar|anthony|jonathan input - select empno from emp '@' o/p - 1@2@3@4 input - select deptno from emp '/' o/p - 10/20/30/40 Pls answer this questn.

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What is RAC in oracle?

7 Answers   MCN Solutions,

How do you truncate?

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how to retrieve only duplicate values in a table

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What is the difference between having clause and where clause?

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What does t sql mean?

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What are the benefits of stored procedures?

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