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Does mysql support pl sql?

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What is pl sql script?

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What is pl sql package?

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how tsql statements can be written and submitted to the database engine? : Transact sql

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If a View on a single base table is manipulated will the changes be reflected on the base table?

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What is scope of pl sql developer in future?

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i declare 4 procedure in package specification but in package body i write only 3 procedure. is it complie??//w

4 Answers   Scope International,

what does the t-sql command ident_current does? : Transact sql

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Hi Guys, I have a situation where I need to access the column values from rowtype variable. However, the column names are dynamic. below is sample code: declare Cursor c1 is select * from emp; Cursor c2 is select column_name from xyztable; v_c2 c2%rowtype; v_str varchar2 v_value varchar2(200); begin for rec in c1 loop open c2;---this cursor has column names like EMPLOYEE_ID, FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME etc. loop fetch c2 into v_c2; exit when c2%notfound; /* now lets say i want to access value of LAST_NAME from cursor c1, so I am writing below code, however it does not work as expected */ v_str:= 'rec.'|| v_c2.column_name; -- this will give me string like "rec.EMPLOYEE_ID" v_value:=v_str; end loop; end loop; end; / Plz help ASAP.Thanks.

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What is data modelling in sql?

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What is Temp Table and type of temp table?

1 Answers   HP, SLK,

Why cannot I use bind variables in ddl/scl statements in dynamic sql?

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what is hash join

1 Answers   NCR,