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Does a primary key have to be a number?

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What does where 1/2 mean in sql?

0 Answers  

What is exception? What are the types of exceptions?

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What are wait events. Describe the wait event tables.

1 Answers   CTS,

can we use out parameter in a function?Give an example.

4 Answers   Logica CMG, TCS,

What are all the difference between Like and Contains ?

2 Answers   LG Soft,

What are tables in sql?

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List different type of expressions with the example.

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What is left join in sql?

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Can any one tell me how to increase the performance of a sql query ie what are the performance tips in creating or writing a sql query !!?

3 Answers   eBay,

What is trigger with example?

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Can we rollback after truncate?

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What is an Integrity Constraint?

4 Answers