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Why do we use procedures in sql?

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i hv 30 rows with date.ex:1month hav 4 weeks i want 1st day of the every week.write the qry for that.example jan has 4 weeks i need 1st dd for evry wk

1 Answers   Aspire,

What is set serveroutput on in pl sql?

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what are the limitations of identity column? : Transact sql

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is mysql query is case sensitive? : Sql dba

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how can i read files from a pl/sq l program

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What are sql queries used for?

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What is number function in sql?

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when a procedure /package is getting invalidated?

4 Answers   TCS,

What is a cursor for loop ?

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How do I edit a trigger in sql developer?

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Is sql microsoft?

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write a query to delete similar records in different tables with same structure

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