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How do sql databases work?

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what are the differences between get and post methods in form submitting. Give the case where we can use get and we can use post methods? : Sql dba

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What is right join sql?

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When we give SELECT * FROM EMP; How does oracle respond?

24 Answers   Accenture, HCL, Infosys,

wht is the difference between truncat,drop in sqlserver wht is the difference between function and stored procedure

3 Answers   Apollo,

What is full join in sql?

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What is flag in sql?

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What is extent clause in table space?

1 Answers   TCS,

column A column b | output 10 7 | 10 5 8 | 8 7 -9 | 7 3 5 | 5 0 6 | 6 Write a sql query to print such output.

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What is data control language (dcl)?

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What is the purpose of a sql?

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Explain constraints in sql?

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How to convert comma separated string to array in pl/sql?

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