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In 1897, a German scientist created the world?s first
synthetic drug and the mkodern pharmaceutical industry was
born. The first drug still in use is

1 Acetylsalicylic acid

2 Fatty acid

3 Carbonic acid

4 Clavulanic acid

In 1897, a German scientist created the world?s first synthetic drug and the mkodern pharmaceutical..

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(1) Acetylsalicylic acid

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Which of the following state governments has prohibited use of the word ‘Harijan’ and replaced it with ‘Anusuchit Jati’ in official work ? a) Karnataka b) Jammu & Kashmir c) Rajasthan d) Uttar Pradesh e) None of these

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?Fredom is my birth right?, Who was the famous, Indian national leader who gave this slogan? (a) Ranade (b) Tilak (c) Nehru (d) Gandhi

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Ms.Gaura Pant ?Shivani? who passed away recently, was a famous 1 Politican 2 Scientist 3 Social activist 4 Writer

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A heart beat requires approximately ? a) 0.5 seconds b) 0.8 seconds c) 0.5 minute d) 1 minute

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Among the following cities, which one is nearest to the Tropic of Cancer? (a) Delhi (b) Kolkata (c) Jodhpur (d) Nagpur

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Who is empowered to call a special session of UN General Assembly? (A) Special Session summoned by the Secretary General (B) Special Session summoned by permanent members of the UNO (C) Special Session summoned by the members of the Security Council (D) Special Session summoned by all the permanent and non-permanent members of the Security Council

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Recently, the US Foreign Aid Bill was passed. The Bill seeks to grant $ 95 million to India and ????. to Pakistan. (a) $ 300 million (b) $ 450 million (c) $ 580 million (d) $ 700 million

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Mr.Azim Premji, who was adjudged as the richest Indian by the Forbes Magazine, has 75% holdings in which of the following companies? 1 Onida 2 Tata Infotech 3 Wipro 4 None of these

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Which public sector telecom company undertaking was bought by the TATA group during the recent disinvestment process? 1 BSNL 2 MTNL 3 VSNL 4 Punjab Telecom

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The committee/Commission on Centre - State relations was headed by (1) Mararji Desai (2) Gopalaswami Iyyengar (3) Sarkaria (4) T.N. Seshan

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If the Parliament refers a bill to the President then what the President can constitutionally do is to : (a) reject it (b) refuse to sign it (c) summon a joint session of the two Houses (d) sent it for reconsideration

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The 13th Asian Track and Field Championship was organized recently in Jakarta. What was India?s rank in it? 1 First 2 Third 3 Fourteenth 4 Second

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