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The National Youth Dahy is observed on 12 th January every
year on the birthday of

1 Rajiv Gandhi

2 Bhagat Singh

3 Swami Vivekanand

4 Kalpana Chawla

The National Youth Dahy is observed on 12 th January every year on the birthday of 1 Rajiv Gandh..

Answer / guest

(3) Swami Vivekanand

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The fastest running land animal is (1) Cheetah (2) Deer (3) Horse (4) Tiger

2 Answers  

In which game the term ?tee? is used? (a) Chess (b) Golf (c) Billiards (d) Snooker

5 Answers   Aligarh Muslim University, RRB,

From which Constitution of the world have we borrowed the concept of Fundamental Rights? (a) U.K. (b) Canada (c) Russia (d) U.S.A.

3 Answers  

In Myanmar the pro ? democracy leader Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi is the leader of the (1) National Congress for Democracy (2) National League (3) National League for Democracy (4) League for Democracy

1 Answers  

Are the Directive Principles enforceable in the Courts? (a) No (b) Yes (c) Some of them (d) None of these

1 Answers  

. What was the effect of the feudatory system (a) The king became weak (b) Peasants became dissatisfied (c) The kind became powerful (d) None of these

1 Answers  

The U.S.A. Government suspended the sales of fire arms and ammunition to the dealers of which of the following countries, as most of the supply is reaching in the hands of guerrillas and drug traffickers? 1 Venezuela 2 Colombia 3 Pakistan 4 None of these

1 Answers  

Which components of light are absorbed by chlorophyll? (a) Violet and red (b) Indigo and orange (c) Blue and red (d) Violet and yellow

2 Answers   JPMorgan Chase,

Jawahar Rozgar Yojana is a (1) Area Development Programme (2) Anti poverty Programme (3) Functional Development Programme (4) Environmental protection Programme

2 Answers   UPSC,

Rennin and lactase, the enzymes required to digest milk disappear in the human body by the age of 1 Two 2 Three 3 Five 4 Eight

1 Answers  

People of Indian origin in Sri Lanka are concentrated more in: (1) Colombo (2) Anuradhapura (3) Jafna (4) Manar

2 Answers  

The State in India with the largest coastline is: (a) Tamil Nadu (b) Kerala (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) Maharashtra

44 Answers   Banaras Hindu University BHU, Banking, BBA, College School Exams Tests, Engineers India, Engineers India Limited, Group 2 II, IFFCO, ISRO, NET, NTSC, Pondichery University, PP, SSC, Tamil Nadu Police, TNEB Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, University, UPSC,