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Which city hosted the First Afro-Asian Games?

1 Lucknow

2 Hyderabad

3 Allahabad

4 Chennai

Which city hosted the First Afro-Asian Games? 1 Lucknow 2 Hyderabad 3 Allahabad 4 Chenna..

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(2) Hyderabad

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Artificial rain is produced by seeding clouds with (1) potassium iodide (2) silver iodide (3) silver nitrate (4) copper sulphate

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Who is empowered to call a special session of UN General Assembly? (A) Special Session summoned by the Secretary General (B) Special Session summoned by permanent members of the UNO (C) Special Session summoned by the members of the Security Council (D) Special Session summoned by all the permanent and non-permanent members of the Security Council

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The process by which energy is transferred through space is: (a) radiation (b) convection (c) conduction

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If there is a vacancy in the office of the President, it must be filled up within a period of (a) One year (b) Two years (c) Three years (d) Six months

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Are the Directive Principles enforceable in the Courts? (a) No (b) Yes (c) Some of them (d) None of these

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The leading producer of silver is: (a) USA (b) Russia (c) Mexico (d) South Africa

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The place with least rainfall in India is: (a) Leh (b) Bikaner (c) Jaisalmer (d) Jaipur

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. At what temperature are the readings of a Centigrade and Fahrenheit thermometer the same? (a) - 40 (b) 212 (c) 40 (d) 100

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Which of the following represents the foreign investment in India during 1998-99 (approximately in billion dollars)? 1 1.06 2 2.02 3 3.04 4 3.78

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Who was the German General nicknamed ?Desert Fox? during the Second World War? (a) Goebbels (b) Goering (c) Rommel (d) Himler

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Indian has the world?s largest reserves of: (1) Coal (2) Mica (3) Iron Ore (4) Barites

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Winds converge towards the center in: (a) cyclone (b) anti-cyclone (c) cariolis effect

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