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India has sanctioned a loan of Rs.200 crore to which of the
following countries in Indian sub-continent during the
Indian Prime Minister?s recent visit?

1 Nepal

2 Bangladesh

3 Bhutan

4 Sri Lanka

India has sanctioned a loan of Rs.200 crore to which of the following countries in Indian sub-conti..

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( 2) Bangladesh

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Which of the following makes skin layer impervious to water? 1 Collagen 2 Melanin 3 Keratin 4 Chitin

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Shahrukh khan and Aishwarya Rai won the best acting awards in the 48th Manik Chand Filmfare Awards ? ?02 for their roles in the film 1 Company 2 Deewangee 3 Saathiya 4 None of these

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The mineral resource which has made the Middle East of vital importance to the world today is: (a) oil (b) coal (c) tin (d) silver

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. Devaluation of a currency means (a) Reduction in the value of a currency vis-à-vis major internationally traded currencies (b) Permitting the currency to seek its worth in the international market (c) Fixing the value of the currency in conjunction with the movement in the value of a basket of predetermined currencies (d) Fixing the value of a currency in multilateral consultation with the IMF, the World Bank and major trading partners

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The largest automobile manufacturing center in the world is located at (1) Birmingham (2) Tokyo (3) Detroit (4) Berlin

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The Iran-Iraq war started for exclusive possession of: (a) Iranian oil refineries (b) Shatt-al-Arab region (c) the territory already captured by Iran from Jordan and Iraq both (d) The whole of Western Iran

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The Aryans first settled in India in the (a) Indus Valley (b) Ganga Valley (c) Oxus Valley (d) Ganga-Yamuna Region

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The Weight of the cricket ball is approximately: (a) 3 oz (b) 4 oz (c) 5 oz (d) 6 oz

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The lady Congress leader who went underground during the ?Quit India? movement was 1 Sucheta Kripalani 2 Vijayalaxmi Pandit 3 Aruna Asaf Ali 4 Sarojini Naidu

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hi please send me the bank of india officer-past 10 yrs question papers (all obejectives aswell as descriptive) my id is thanks in advance..!!

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The 4th Federation Cup Hockey matches were organized at which of the following places in December ?97 1 Hyderabad 2 Calcutta 3 Cochin 4 Mumbai

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Diabetes mellitus is caused due to the non secretion of a hormone known as: (1) Thyroxine (2) Clucagon (3) Pitutarin (4) Insulin

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