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Which of the following awards was presented to Anil Kumble

1 Padmashri

2 Arjuna Award

3 Sportsman of the Year

4 K.K.Birla Foundation Award

Which of the following awards was presented to Anil Kumble recently? 1 Padmashri 2 Arjuna Awa..

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( 4) K.K.Birla Foundation Award

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A small intense cyclonic storm of a very low pressure and violent updrafts is called: (a) torando (b) hurricane (c) rossby

1 Answers  

Which of the following countries is represented by the highest number of women parliamentarians? 1 Bangladesh 2 India 3 Japan 4 Sweden

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The recently discovered Buddhist site of Bavikonda is located in this district of Andhra Pradesh (1) Guntur District (2) Anantapur District (3) Visakhapatnam District (4) Srikakulam District

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A cricket match at Indore could not be played recently because of poor pitch conditions. The match was being played between Indian and ?.. 1 Pakistan 2 Zimbabwe 3 Sri Lanka 4 England

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Which animal is considered as the 'ship of the desert'?

0 Answers   BPCL Bharat Petroleum,

A significant result of the British conquest of India, was the: (a) creation of a single political and administrative unit (b) decline of the Mughal empire (c) emergence of the Marathas (d) introduction of democracy

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The earthworm increases the fertility of soil because it 1 Adds nitrogen to it 2 Survives by eating harmful bacteria of soil 3 Turns over large masses of soil 4 Its secretion makes fertililsers easily dissolvable

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. Which one of the following is a language of Baluchistan but linguistically Dravidian? (a) Brahui (b) Kui (c) Parji (d) Pengo

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What are picoplanktons? (A) Animals that are extinct now (B) Micro-organisms (C) A platform in the Arabian sea of Mumbai, used for drilling (D) None of the above

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The Planning commission of India is: (a) an autonomous body (b) a constitutional body (c) statutory body (d) non-statutory body

17 Answers   Banaras Hindu University BHU, CDS, CLAT, KAS, L&T, Reebok, UGC NET,

works of sbi

4 Answers   Interior Designs, State Bank Of India SBI,

Which of the following is incorrectly matched? 1 Histology ? study of tissues and cells 2 Mycology ? study of fungi and fungal diseases 3 Phycology ? study of fossils 4 None of these

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