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How does pointer work in c?

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Declare the structure which contains the following members and write in C list of all students who score more than 75 marks. Roll No, Name, Father Name, Age, City, Marks.

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Why is %d used in c?

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Why array starts with index 0

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the constant value in the case label is followed by a a) semicolon b) colon c) braces d) none of the above

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What does the c in ctime mean?

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main() { int ptr[] = {1,2,23,6,5,6}; printf("%d",&ptr[3]-&ptr[0]); }

8 Answers   Vector,

In the following code segment what will be the result of the function, value of x , value of y { unsigned int x=-1; int y; y = ~0; if(x == y) printf("same"); else printf("not same"); } a) same, MAXINT, -1 b) not same, MAXINT, -MAXINT c) same , MAXUNIT, -1 d) same, MAXUNIT, MAXUNIT e) not same, MAXINT, MAXUNIT

1 Answers   IBM,

Why can’t we compare structures?

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Why is this loop always executing once?

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struct tag{ auto int x; static int y; };main() { struct tag s; s.x=4; s.y=5; printf(ā€œ%dā€,s.x); }

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Explain how does free() know explain how much memory to release?

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What is the difference between typedef and #define?

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