What is :: operator in c++?

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Difference between strdup and strcpy?

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List down the guideline that should be followed while using friend function.

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On throwing an exception by the animal constructor in p = new animalq, can memory leak occur?

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Specify different types of decision control statements?

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What is the purpose of extern storage specifier?

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What is command line arguments in C++? What are its uses? Where we have to use this?

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Can we use this pointer inside static member function?

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Explain the ISA and HASA class relationships. How would you implement each in a class design?

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What is the use of endl?

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When copy constructor can be used?

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Can I learn c++ as my first language?

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Memory is not a constraint. In a single iteration(NOTE: you can't go back), how will you find out the 10th last node/item in a linked list.

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