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Why do we use encapsulation in oops?

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There are 2 classes defined as below public class A { class B b; } public class B { class A a; } compiler gives error. How to fix it?

3 Answers   Microsoft,

i ahve v low % in 12th n BSC which is aroun 50 coz science was imposed on me......nw m doin MCA n my aggregate in above 74%,what shud i say if asked about low previous percentage??????

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What is the different between Applet and Application?

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Why is it so that we can have virtual constructors but we cannot have virtual destructors?

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what is virtual destructor

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Why it is called runtime polymorphism?

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is there any choice in opting subjects like 4 out of 7

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Why we are use # in begning of programme of c++.

2 Answers   Syntel,

#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int a = 2; int c[5][5]; for (int x=0;x<5;x++) { for (int y=0;y<5;y++) { c[x][y] = x*y; } } cout << c[a][c[1][4]]; }

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What normal C constructs work differently in C++?

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what is the new version of oops

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Write a program to sort the number with different sorts in one program ??

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