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Explain the life cycle of asp page.

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What does Internet Information Server (IIS) assume to be the default language for Active Server Pages? A. Jscript B. JavaScript C. JAVA D. VBScript E. ECMAScript

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1)Declare array with five elements a[]={8,4,6,2,1,10} Print minimum and maximum no from array. 2)Accept values from Textbox and add into Listbox on click ok button. 2)Accept these values store them in cookie collection and show them in next form. Assignment 3 20Marks 1) Display EmpId ,EmpName ,EmpSal usind datagrid view (use sqlerver 2005) 2) Insert Item Id, Item Name, Qty, Rate using sqlerver 2005)

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Is asp a scripting language?

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plz send me interview model questions asked in KVB Clerk interview.

2 Answers   Karur Vysya Bank KVB,

Explain the tags necessary to be present within the tag ?

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Can be arrays resized by using the keyword redim?

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i learnt .net and would like to know if there is any institute in hyderabad that gives real time knowledge.i worked on testing and planning to move on to .net putting same amount of experience in .net.kindly suggest me the institute and other details.

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What is a Form collection?

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What are the ASP Scripting Objects?

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What is n-tier system?

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what is the difference between render event and prerender event

2 Answers   Wipro,

How are sessions maintained? A. The browser sends a cookie to the server with each request. B. The browser sends a Querystring variable to the server with each request. C. The browser sends a hidden Form variable to the server with each request. D. The browser sends a long variable to the server in the BODY of each request. E. None of the above.

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