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What is difference between bind by copy and bind by reference?

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Can an indexed file be accessed in arrival sequence in RPG?

3 Answers  

HI,1: What is the function of 'SETON LR' AND '*INLR=*ON ? 2:Can we used "seton lr" OR "*INLR = *ON" in between the program code ? 3:if yes then according to there function the code which is written acter seton lr/ *inlr should not be execute . Can any one tell me why those code get executed ?

2 Answers  

why subproc not run in dftactgrp?????/plz explain

2 Answers   CSC,

if i have three programs progA,progB and progC .now i call progB from progA. but the progB does not exist . now i want to call progC instead of starting dump. how can we achieve this.

10 Answers   Four soft,

how can we know running job is batch or intractive ? i need all the possibilites.........plz help me

3 Answers   HSBC, IBM,

what is the use of sflnxtchg?

0 Answers   IBM,

What is the difference between copybooks and subprocedures in as400?

0 Answers  

How to find d key field of a pf that doesn’t have source physical file?

2 Answers  

How to create a key field for a logical file inside RPG?

4 Answers   HSBC,

write an RPG program to calculate the marks of 5 students (A,B, C, D, E)in 3 different subjects (eng, math, sci) an display on the screen

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Difference between RESET and CLEAR

1 Answers   TCS,

What is I90(Insure 90)?

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