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Through which of the following countries, both Equator ant
Tropic of Capricorn pass?

1 Brazil

2 Uruguay

3 Colombia

4 Ecuador

Through which of the following countries, both Equator ant Tropic of Capricorn pass? 1 Brazil ..

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(1) Brazil

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Which one of the following countries is landlocked? (a) Bolivia (b) Peru (c) Suriname (d) Uruguay

2 Answers  

About 35 multistate Co-operative Banks are likely to come under the Banking Regulation Act as the Government is going to issue an ordinance to that effect in days to come. It was required to be done asA) Co-operative Banks are in bad shape and their restructuring is very much needed.B) RBI recommended that Government should issue an ordinance to this effect.C) The Supreme Court of India has issued an order which says that RBI does not have authority to issue licences to multistate Co-operative Banks. Which of these statements is/are true? (1) Only A (2) Only B (3) Only C (4) Only A & C (5) None of these

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In laundry soaps, a material called ?filler? is used. Which of the following is a ?filler? 1 Talc 2 Sodium silicate 3 Soda ash 4 Sodium phosphate

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The long term fiscal policy proposes to maintain the stability of (a) Direct tax rates (b) Indirect tax rates (c) Ratio of tax revenue to national income (d) Ratio of direct tax revenue to revenue from indirect taxes

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Which nation has adopted the system of Administrative Law?

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The greatest Indian works of art in metal have been produced in: (a) North India (b) South India (c) North East India (d) West and North India

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If father and mother are possessing Rh+ve and Rh-ve respectively, their children will have the blood group with ? a) Rh+ve b) Rh-ve c) Rh neutral d) None of these

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Which one of the following statements concerning powers of the President of wrong? (a) No Bill can become a law unless the President puts his signature over it (b) The President has the power to dissolve the Council of States (c) The President nominates 12 members to the Council of States and two Anglo-Indian members to the House of People (d) He declares war and concludes treaties or makes peace, subject to the provisions of the Constitution

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Nivi, Paridhan and Adhivasa were the (a) Different types of garments of the Aryans (b) Government officials of the Aryan Kings (c) Tribal people of Ancient India (d) Musical instruments of ancient Indians

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The largest populated country in the world is: (a) India (b) China (c) Russia (d) USA

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In which country , is bull fighting the national sport?

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First NRI Divas was celebrated on (1) 9th January 2003 (2) 5th January 2003 (3) 26th January 2003 (4) 6th January 2003

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