Name the 2 protocols are in wan technology?

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What is the Difference Between Windows 2003 And Windows 2008 Server?

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Does switch has the IP Address. If YES? How to find it?

7 Answers   Wipro,

What does data packets consist of?

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Q: why are switch trunking modes ( dynamic auto , dynamic desirable )used in switch while trunking? if only negotiation is the factor it can be done with one mode as well ie dynamic desirable . but why we need dynamic auto. coz it dsnt negotiates all please post answer asap thanks :

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What type of frame does CDP use to gather information about it's neighbors? A.) TCP/IP B.) Novell-ether C.) Subnetwork Access Protocol (SNAP) D.) Ethernet_II

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You just entered the following command_Router(config#) line console 0 Which operation is most likely to follow? A. Confound terminal type B. enter protocol parameters for a serial line C. create a password on the console terminal line D. establish a terminal type 4 connection to a remote host E. change from configuration mode to console privileged mode

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Which statement about the flow control function of TCP is true? A. TCP makes no snarl to check for lost or duplicate data packets B. The application layer must sequence data packets when using TCP C. TCP controls the flow of UDP data through negative acknowledgements (NAK) D. TCP is a connection-oriented protocol that acknowledges receipt of data packets and is considered reliable

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In regards to the OSI seven-layer model, at which layer is EBCDIC and ASCII? A.) Presentation B.) Application C.) Transport D.) Session E.) Datalink F.) Network

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What does -1 signify in an extended IPX access list? A. permit this host B. deny this host C. permit only this subnet D. any host or any network

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In which access- list type you can't do editing?

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which portecol is faster tcp udp spx

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