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The royal preceptor of Ganapatideva was:

(1) Basava

(2) Visvesvara Sambhu

(3) Panditaradhya

(4) Narahari Tirtha

The royal preceptor of Ganapatideva was: (1) Basava (2) Visvesvara Sambhu (3) Panditaradhya..

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( 2 ) Visvesvara Sambhu

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The study of landforms is called: (a) geology (b) geomorphology (c) physical geography

3 Answers  

The process by which vapour is converted to liquid is called: (a) condensation (b) dew point (c) condensation nuclei

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The location and energy of an electron in an atom can be specified by 1 Atomic mass 2 Atomic number 3 Quantum numbers 4 None of these

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Which of the following statements is the most suitable for explaining the development of civilization during the ancient periods of the history of Iran? (a) Language and literature made great progress in Iran (b) The Sassanid rulers welcomed scholars from different countries (c) The broad-mindedness of the rulers led to the flowering of their culture (d) The Iranians introduced marvelous network of roads

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Who among the following founded the Theosophical Society in India? 1 Madame Blavatsky and Annie Besant 2 Madame Blavatsky and H.S.Olcott 3 H.S.Olcott and Annie Besant 4 A.O.Hume and Annie Besant

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Admission to educational institution maintained by the state or receiving aid out of state funds can be denied on the ground of ? a) Sex b) Place of birth c) Language d) Religion

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Which one of the following teams won the First One-day Cricket World Cup held in 1975? (a) England (b) Australia (c) West Indies (d) Pakistan

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The satellite-based tele-network POLNET developed in India will be able to link which of the following throughout the country? 1 About 11000 police stations 2 1000 police stations 3 2000 major hospitals 4 All the railway stations

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The Tenth Schedule of the Constitution of India deals with the: (A) languages of the Union (B) lists of legislative businesses (C) Anti-defection Law (D) special status of Jammu and Kashmir

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Dr.C.Rangarajan, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, was recently in the news because 1 He resigned from the post of the Governor of Andhra Pradesh 2 He was nominated for the UN Economic and Social Council as India?s representative 3 He was selected for Financial Express Award for Economics, ?98 4 None of these

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5,000 Singapore dollars are equal to 1 Rs.18,600 (approx.) 2 560 (approx.) 3 $ 800 (approx.) 4 $ 2,940 (approx.)

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The extremely slow-down-slope movement of the soil is called: (a) soil creep (b) mass wasting (c) landslide

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