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The film that won the Best Feature Film Award announced by
the jury of the 49th National Film Awards was

1 Lagaan

2 Dedas

3 Tiladaanam

4 Dweepa

The film that won the Best Feature Film Award announced by the jury of the 49th National Film Award..

Answer / guest

(4) Dweepa

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Who was the member of the Rajya Sabha when first appointed as the Prime Minister of India ? a) Lal Bahadur Shastri b) Indira Gandhi c) Morarji Desai d) Charan Singh

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Hat is the approximate value of escape velocity for the earth ? (a) 11 km/s (b) 50 km/s (c) 19.5 km/s (d) 56.5 km/s

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Which of the following countries was visited by Mr.K.R.Narayanan, for the first time by an Indian President, recently? 1 Libya 2 Kenya 3 Britain 4 Austria

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The ligaments join ? a) Muscle to Muscle b) Bone to Bone c) Muscle to Bone d) None of these

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The ?Khilafat Movement? was started by: (a) Ali Brothers (b) M A Jinnah (c) Muslim League (d) Chandrasekhar and Bhagat Singh

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Tourism has become one of the largest income generators and foreign exchange earners for many countries in Asia and South America. Which year was celebrated as International Year of Ecotourism to sensitise the tourism industry to build a self-sustainable model of tourism? 1 2001 2 2002 3 2003 4 2004

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The first India-made frigate is: (a) INS Vikrant (b) INS Kukri (c) INS Udaigiri (d) INS Nilgiri

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The International Cigarette and Tobacco Ltd., Chennai was held guilty of infringing upon which of the following popular brands? 1 Johnnie Walker 2 Camel 3 Bacardi 4 Marlboro

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PC maker company ?Lenovo Group?, presently the 8th largest in the world and which is entering Indian market also, is a company from 1 China 2 Malaysia 3 Japan 4 South Korea

1 Answers   Malaysia Airlines,

Who among the following built the temple of the Sun God at Konark? 1 Anantavarman 2 Narasimha I 3 Kapilendra 4 Purushottama

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India won the sixth men?s Asia Cup Hockey tournament held in September, 2003 in Kuala Lumpur by beating. 1 Korea 2 Pakistan 3 Japan 4 China

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