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The year in which he Battle of Padmanabha was fought in Andhra

(1) 1794

(2) 1799

(3) 1803

(4) 1805

The year in which he Battle of Padmanabha was fought in Andhra (1) 1794 (2) 1799 (3) 1803 ..

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( 1 ) 1794

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Kabir, Kalidasa and Tansen Sammans are given by: (a) Lalit Kala Akademi (b) Sahitya Akademi (c) MP Government (d) Govt. of India

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UN Day is observed on 1 24 October 2 24 January 3 24 September 4 24 December

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The ‘Da Vinci’ laptop notebook has been launched by 1 Intel 2 Videocon 3 LG Electronics 4 Samsung

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Which one of the following Directive Principles is a Liberal Principle? (a) The State shall endeavour to promote international peace and security, maintenance of just and honourbale relations between nations and foster respect for international law and treaty obligations (b) The State shall protect the educational and economic interests of the weaker sections of the people and in particular of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (c) The State shall make provisions for securing just and human conditions of work and for maternity relief (d) The State shall endeavour to secure to all workers a living wage, conditions of work ensuring a decent standard of life

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The water realm of the earth is called: (a) hydrosphere (b) lithosphere (c) heterosphere

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The Upper Chamber or the Second Chamber of the Indian Parliament is known as (a) Legislative Assembly (b) Legislative Council (c) Council of States (d) House of the People

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The growing plants need which of the following elements in largest quantity? 1 Calcium 2 Nitrogen 3 Ammonia 4 Iron

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In spite of abundant rainfall, India is said to be water thirsty land. Why? (a) Quick evaporation of rain water (b) Rapid run-off of water (c) Due to the concentration rainfall over a few months (d) All of the above mentioned

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. Convertibility of the rupee implies (a) Being able to convert rupee notes into gold (b) Allowing the value of the rupee to be fixed by market forces (c) Freely permitting the conversion of rupee to other major currencies and vice versa (d) Developing an international market for currencies in India

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Dr.C.Rangarajan, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, was recently in the news because 1 He resigned from the post of the Governor of Andhra Pradesh 2 He was nominated for the UN Economic and Social Council as India?s representative 3 He was selected for Financial Express Award for Economics, ?98 4 None of these

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Vidyanivas Mishra who died recently was a well known 1 Hindi Scholar 2 Social worker 3 Journalist 4 Classical Singer

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Which state of India receives south-west monsoon first? 1 Tamil Nadu 2 Andhra Pradesh 3 Kerela 4 West Bengal

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