Economic democracy is envisaged through

(1) Fundamental Rights

(2) Preamble

(3) Directive Principles of State Policy

(4) Union List

Economic democracy is envisaged through (1) Fundamental Rights (2) Preamble (3) Directive P..

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( 3 ) Directive Principles of State Policy

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Siddhartha attained his ?enlightenment? at: (a) Banaras (b) Sarnath (c) Kusinagar (d) Gaya

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Trade winds blow in the region of: (a) equatorial trough (b) polar high (c) sub-topical high

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Who, among the following, has the final right to sanction the expenditure of the public money in India ? a) President b) Prime Minister c) Parliament d) Speaker

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The much discussed ?Y 2 K problem? is a problem related with which of the following fields? 1 Computer Science 2 Medical Science 3 Indian Economy 4 None of these

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The person who became instrumental in Ashoka?s conversion to Buddhism was: (a) Dignath (b) Bhadrabahu (c) Vasavdatta (d) Upagupta

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Select the stranger in the group : (a) Cartograms (b) Multiple bars (c) Weather maps (d) Pie diagrams

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Who is empowered by the constitution to summon and to dissolve the lok sabha?

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As per the decision taken by the government, now people flying to which of the following countries will be required to have a passport, not required earlier? 1 Bhutan 2 Sri Lanka 3 Nepal 4 Myanmar

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The targeted growth for exports in the Sixth Five Year Plans is about: (1) 4.5 percent (2) 5.5 percent (3) 10 percent (4) 8 percent

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In overall literacy rate in India, which state holds the top position? (a) Mizoram (b) Kerala (c) Tamilnadu (d) None of these

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Where in India can you normally spot the Siberian crane in winter? (a) Sasangir Sanctuary (b) Ranthambore Sanctuary (c) Dachigam National park (d) Keoladeo Ghana Sanctuary

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