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What is quicktest professional window?

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How many tabs are available in debug viewer pane?

0 Answers  

Hi..friends can anybody write the script for this question... Am having some 20 nos of links in a web application, i want to click some 5,13 & 17th links. So please....can anybody give the answer....??? -->Hani<--

4 Answers  

What is keyword view in qtp?

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How the exception handling can be done using quicktest professional?

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I have 14 itmes in a drop down that are associated with an account And these items change with different accounts I want to be able to define it by and index number or any other id so if I enter 2 in my Global excel sheet it selects the 2nd item from the drop down - is this possible?

5 Answers   Rogers,

What is the process of synchronizing qtp and aut?

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how to merge object repositories?

4 Answers  

What is a checkpoint? How many check points are there in qtp?

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What are the features and benefits of quick test pro (qtp 8.0)?

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How do you return a value from a function

1 Answers  

Object Repositories types, which & when to use?

3 Answers   Crea,

difference Between LowLevel and Normal Recording Modes?

4 Answers