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What are the types of object repository?

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What is obsolute path and relative path in QTP..? How to access them and what are the differences between them...??

3 Answers   Virtusa,

wht is Driver in Integration testing. Anubody can answers it

7 Answers   CTS,

How software tester can use constants and variables in scripts?

0 Answers  

Do we have to Enable Smart Identification while running Or will it automatically be enabled ?

2 Answers  

can any body tell me how i create a simple script and apply output value on it .pls send me a step by step process

0 Answers  

how do u handle an object with out name in our application using QTP 9.2?

0 Answers   CTS,

wt is the xtension of the QTP result view file?

4 Answers  

Explain the concept of object repository?

0 Answers  

when a test case is written how u test using qtp

0 Answers   Satyam,

hi i have one issue while automating the script using QTP i want scrool down .i cannot do even using scrool down methqad is not working .the object will take WebElement plz is there any code help me

3 Answers  

How to compare source and target database in testing? Can anybody please tell me in detail the procedure how to compare it?

1 Answers  

What is your role and responsibilities in QTP with your current organization?

1 Answers   Oracle,