How to do the scripting. Is there any inbuilt functions in qtp as in qtp-s. What's the difference between them? How to handle script issues?

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which tpye of exceptions mostly do we face in QTP

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When I parameterize a script then for each iteration script is executed from begining to end. If I want to execute some middle steps multiple times using Parameterization (avoiding begining and end steps), what is the solution of this (e.g. total steps are 1 2 3 4 5 and i want 2 3 4 only(not 1 nd 5)

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What is the extension of script and object repository files in QTP?

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I have 1 to 10 action are there, i want action1 output becomes to action 10 input? pls any can give script for this scenario?

5 Answers   AZTEC,

hello...any one tell me , where can i get company email id.. actually i am searching on testing... in my CV i put 3+ exp.. but all companies are asked company email id.. please provide solution for that... thanx in advance...

9 Answers   HDFC,

How we can merge the object repositories?say if we have two or three object repositories then how e can merge them? is there any option in Qtp to merge the object repositories

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How to handle exception when data table is not available in local host system or path is not correct(explain statement with example)

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i've installed qtp9.2 on Windows 7. Recording and everything no problem. But when i am saving the test, it is not happening. it says 'general error while saving'. But teh test is getting saved but as a folder with lock icon. When i wanted to open it, it is jst showing as a locked folder but not as a test. Somebody help me out plz

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Using Regular expression method some particular value is not present in given value. HOow do use regular expression? Forexample password all number,character ,special character are accepted but (_',)underscore,comma are not used. How do write regular expression.

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What is the difference between low level recording and analog recording mode when it will be enabled.

5 Answers   Ordain Solutions,

what is the difference between IE & Netscape in web testing on a log in page

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Can you do more than just capture and playback?

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