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Tell me under the accrual basis of accounting, when revenues are reported in the accounting period?

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1.Which type of records maintaing for Hotels and provision Stores. Which type of returns we are going to file. tell me whos know brefiely,,

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In accounting equation what is the treatment of investment in shares??

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If we maintain inventory then if proprietor take the some goods for personal Use then how to we do entry

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Explain me some of the examples for liability accounts?

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How to approve ā€˜nā€™ no. of invoices

0 Answers   Accenture,

opening stock rs.6000 purchases rs.22000 cash sales rs.18000 credit sales rs.12000 calculate closing stock if rate of gross profit on cost of goods sold 25%.

3 Answers   State Bank of Mysore SBM,

what is a suspense account ??

4 Answers  

ESI payable in the year 2010 was Rs.11000 but not accounted for by mistake in that year.It was paid in the year 2013-14. Then what will be the journal entry?

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explain circumstances under which dissolution of solvent and insolvent partners are applicable using garners v/s murray rule

0 Answers   KSOU,

Explain me where a cash discount should be recorded in journal entry?

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Tell us depreciation and its types?

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How is going concern assumption and accounting period convention related?

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