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journal entry for goodwill and capital bought by a new partner?

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in Tally what is cost cenre,cost categori and why we need to prepare them

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what is the different between Liability and owners equities ?

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What are the following types of accounts falls under in Accountancy? Can you please classify the following whether they are nominal ,real or personal account ? 1)sales tax account 2)Debtors account/Creditors account 3)Bank Overdraft account 4)Bills Payable Account/Bills receivable Account 5)Stationery Account 6)Purchase account 7)Loan Account

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how to pass entry in tally when insured item damage. But goods purchases with in state.

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Accounting and Accountancy

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what is defference between direct and indirect ezpences

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How to posting employer contribution

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what is badts and its entries?

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on 02/05/2013 issued a cheque to third eye ltd of Rs.14000/- in full and final settlement against the due on amount

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how to enter the tender refund amount in tally ?

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How to set/ determine Credit limit of a customer in Manufacturing and Trading Business?

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hi i m an mba finance fresher. i need an oppurtunity to grew up my life ambitions. please tell me what are the sources to fulfill it. i got distinction in mba finance in the andhra university campus..please suggest me or show me a way to get an oppurtunity in your companies

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