journal entry for goodwill and capital bought by a new partner?

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what is bills receviables?

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please tell me the reconciliation format in excel

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how to enter in tally ? its a running company but now start to accounts maintaining we rent paid in advance (valid 1/6/2015 to 31/05/2016

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Are you comfortable with cold-calling?

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what is Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) give detailed explanation with causes?

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How do I record a prior year property tax refund on sale of asset due to overvaluation

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Why in SAP external number range should be selected for depreciation posting . any specific reasons for that explain me? Raj

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how to prepare balance sheet

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what is professional tax slab rate ?

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How Accounting is useful to Business

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whaT IS THE notional cash pooling

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if we import purchase of $ 20000 /rs. 80. but when we payment the party the price of Rs. 50. then how we make entry of this type of purchase.

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