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Tell me what are the key tasks for account executive?

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claim of workers pf esic contribution as expenditure in profi & loss a/c under head manufacturing or Administrative exp ?

2 Answers  

Can anybody answer to my question fictitious assets journal entries 

0 Answers  

sir , i am very confussing enrty for cash receipts in t code fbcj. do the effect on wbs element after selected wbs ?

0 Answers  

how calculate advance tax?

2 Answers  

where to show Preliminary expenses except "Statement of changes in working capital" in Fund flow statement?

1 Answers  

What is the fictitious assets?

0 Answers  

What is an operative accounts?

0 Answers  

I have received 75000/- as retainership fees from ABC company but they have deducted TDs 10% and send me 67500/- my question is that what entry i have to pass in my books please help me

5 Answers   Pharma Traders,

What Does Phantom Gain Mean?

2 Answers   CompuCom, Ernst Young,

Provison for payments (benefits received but bill not received at the closing of accounts)(utilites, Telephone, Rent)

1 Answers   Accenture,

how many view the tally backup erp9 after the tally backup in tally

0 Answers  

What do you know about this position?

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