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how to include numeric values in sql statements? : Sql dba

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What is a rank in sql?

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what is difference between pass by value and eference by value in oracle plsql

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What do you understand by pl/sql cursors?

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What is the sql query to display the current date?

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What is java sql drivermanager?

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what is the command for user data type?

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When to use inner join and left join?

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What is the main difference between a UNION statement and a UNION ALL statement? 1. A UNION statement eliminates duplicate rows; a UNION ALL statement includes duplicate rows. 2. A UNION statement can be used to combine any number of queries; a UNION ALL statement can be used to combine a maximum of two queries. 3. A UNION statement can only combine queries that have parallel fields in the SELECT list; a UNION ALL statement can combine queries with differing SELECT list structures. 4. A UNION statement cannot be used with aggregate functions; a UNION ALL statement can be used with aggregate functions. 5. There is no difference between the two statements; they are interchangeable.

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What does sql stand for?

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How to write a procedure for displying the data in a TREE or (PARENT and CHILD ) relationship , for ex: A is the main project id, for this project B,C,D are sub tasks(sub project id's) for B the sub tasks are e,f,g and for c is h ,i ,j and for d is k,l,m now i need to display the o/p in a TREE fashion pls help me , thanks in advance surendra

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how will be date change into string

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How do I count rows in sql query?

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