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How should validation activities be handled?

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What is integration level testing?

0 Answers  

what is agile model and spiral maodel?pls explain with an example?

0 Answers   Quintiles,

hi friends .......... from srs to signoff what r the tests the testing team will conduct either sequentially or parallel pls advice thanks in advance

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Difference in web based application,desktop application and client server application? plz explain Us

2 Answers  

How we test the bulk of contents in web page using manual testing? Is any open source tool available for that ? Thanks in advance..

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What is Stub and Driver ? What functions are used in stubs and driver?

3 Answers   HCL,

who are the three stake holders in testing

4 Answers  

Give proper Seq. to following testing Types Regression, Retesting, Funtional, Sanity and Performance Testing.? and which phase of STLC comes?

1 Answers  

Should every business test its software the same way?

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What is suspension & resumption criteria in Test Plan please explain with example ?

2 Answers   TCS,

What is difference between Application testing and Web application testing??

1 Answers   Wipro,

If its a bug whats the next process?to whom will we send it and in which way or form?

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